Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shows I Love: Revenge

Another show that goes on the top of my new favorites list is ABC's Revenge! It's incredibly intriguing. It's got a Count of Monte Crisco feel to it (PS. if you've never seen that movie SHAME ON YOU cause it's awesome. Go watch it. Now.) Here's the basic overview:

"Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), whose real name is Amanda Clarke, moves back to the Hamptons to take revenge on the people who caused the death of her father David (James Tupper) and destroyed her family. When she was a little girl, Amanda's father was arrested on trumped-up terrorism charges, and was tried and convicted for treason. He died in prison.
Amanda Clark
Amanda feels her life was destroyed; she ended up in juvenile detention and on her 18th birthday inherited the wealth of the company in which her father invested.
Emily Thorne
She changed her name to Emily Thorne and decided to take revenge on the people responsible for her father's downfall."

Victoria Grayson
(Last of the Mohicans)
At the top of her list is Queen Victoria, the ruler of the Hamptons. She's less well known for having an affair with Amanda/Emily's father and then betraying him, but Amanda/Emily seems to remember. She's not exactly friendly, especially when she feels her family or social kingdom threatened. And ever since 'Emily Thorne' showed up her whole world seems to be collapsing around her.

Daniel Grayson
(Make It Or Break It)
Now in order to get to Victoria, Amanda/Emily has tangled her fingers in Daniel's hair. He's a former bad boy who was forced to learn his lesson the hard way. Now he's rapidly falling in love with the new girl in the Hamptons, naively unaware of her ulterior motives.

Tyler Barrol
Tyler is Daniel's wing man, and a GREAT suck up to Daniel's parents'. He's managed to cosy up to the Grayson's, but he is far from being on Amanda/Emily's BFF list. In fact he's doing everything he can to break them up.

Ashley Davenport
Ashley is a triple threat. She's Victoria's go-to assistant, Amanda/Emily's best friend (as far as she knows), and Tyler's new girlfriend (again as far as she knows).

Lydia Davis
Lydia is the first name crossed off of Amanda/Emily's hit list. I mainly have her pictured cause I love the movie Hitch and she is, of course, Allegra Cole.

Nolan Ross
(The Bourne Identity)
Nolan's fortune was made, in large part, because of Amanda/Emily's father's belief and support. Now he seems determined to help Amanda/Emily in her quest for vengeance.

Jack Porter
And then there's Jack. Jack Porter is the only person Amanda/Emily seems to care about. She gave him her dog Sammie before she left on her journey towards juvenile detention. As hard as she tries to ignore her feelings, they seem to rear up and bite her whenever she turns her back.

So I know that I have now got you hooked. The awesome thing is this is season 1 of Revenge and if you go on HuluPlus you can watch it from the first episode!!!! So Go! And you can thank me later ;)

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