Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas To-Do List

After the joy and chaos of Christmas has come and gone I'm usually left with a touch of depression. I wait all year long to enjoy the Christmas season and it's gone before I can drink my hot chocolate! All that's left to do is more on to my After Christmas To-Do List! Which goes as follows:

#1 Take Down the Christmas DecorationsThis always makes me a little sad, but somehow I manage to do it every year.

#2 Rearrange the FurnitureI don't need much of an excuse to rearrange the furniture, and clearing out the Christmas tree is as good as any!

#3 New Years ResolutionsSo here is what I've come up with so far.

3.1 - Lose weight & firm upThis last week I felt chunky and uncomfortable in my own skin every day. I also got some major inspiration that getting skinny was possible for me from my awesome brother! I feel determined to find a way to feel good about myself again.

3.2 - Make/Follow a weekly schedule for me & the kidsOh my poor kids get so board every day. Yes, they now have all kinds of new toys thanks to their Christmas haul, but that's just not enough. So I am planning to plan! We are going to have at least a semi-structured schedule to follow this year to help us all get through the day.

3.3 - Start writing regularly againI used to love to write, it was so satisfying to see my ideas and feelings take form on paper. So I'm making a formal declaration to the whole handful of people who actually take the time to read this post. I will be trying my hand at writing once more.

So now that you've seen mine, why don't you tell me yours?!

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