Monday, August 27, 2012

What Ever Happened to Home Ec?

For some reason I never took a Home-Ec (or Family and Consumer Science as it's called now) course when I was in school. I don't remember it ever being an option while I was in Texas, and by the time I moved to Utah all of my classmates had already taken it. 

Now I know that some people have no desire for a course like this, and to be honest when I was in high school I probably wouldn't have wanted to take it either. Some people might see it as old fashioned or unnecessary, however, now that I've got my own home to run and take care of I really wish I'd learned a few more skills. Now that I'm a young mother I find myself without the knowledge and skills that I could have wished. 

I don't even try baking bread or pies from scratch, they scare me. 
Trying to figure out the best way to clean my home takes me doing hours of research on Pinterest first.
If an appliance stops working I always wait for Tad to come home and fix it.  
I can't operate a sewing machine, in fact I can't even sew on a button! My husband has 3 shirts sitting in the back of his closet he can't wear because it has missing or broken buttons and I am too afraid to try replacing them! How pathetic am I? Sometimes I feel very........unprepared.

What I'm wondering here is where you people have learned skills like this? Did you take a Home-Ec/Family and Consumer Science course? Did you learn it through your mother and grandmother? Did your church offer some kind of training? Or are you like me, and you never quite learned? I'd love to increase my skill set, and I'd love to know how you did it?!

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